Locally Trained Engineers with Globally Competitive Service for Every Singaporean Home, Office, and Shop

SG1 Electrician offers a complete range of services to all our clients. We have become a one-stop shop online for customers, who need to hire professional help for diagnosis of electrical problems, troubleshooting, rewiring, and installation/repair of appliances and other electrical equipment.

Our Team

Our team of electricians all had their licenses issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of the Singapore government. This is an assurance that they can handle different types of tasks and ensure the safety of the electrical work that was performed.

Aside from their technical expertise, they are also trained in customer support to help them deliver the service with respect and courtesy. We only hire electricians who are highly trained in electrical repairs and installation.

Apart from that, the founding team is also hands on with the entire operation of the company, with the aim to look into the strengths and weaknesses of the entire businesses. This kind of set-up has allowed us to consistently improve the delivery of our service to be our internal and external clients.

How We Started

SG1 Electrician is a local Singapore-based electrical engineers and business managers. We started as a start-up company providing electrical services and consultations to our respective network, which includes our colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Shortly after, we expanded our services to the public along with adding more members to our team.

Gradually, we were able to reach residential units all around Singapore, as well as cater to a number of installation requests from new shops and commercial spaces. Year after year, we add highly trained members to the team, as well as new clients. We also learned from our experiences, and has used this to make our services more relevant to the needs of the market.

Online One-Stop

The idea to come up with this one-stop online service for electrical repairs and installation requests stemmed from the various feedback of our clients to have an alternate platform for booking our services. The customer hotline we have is filled with very friendly staff that you can call 24/7 to report your electrical problems and make your appointment with our team. The website on the other hand will provide other clients another way to reach us, when the phone lines are busy.

 Electrical services are understandably crucial for any house or office, so we always want to address any possible roadblocks in delivering our services. To date, interested clients can already schedule for an appointment through this website, as well as get to know our team better.

What You Can Expect From Us

Premium servicing and equipment

In order to deliver the quality service we promise, we also continue to upgrade our equipment to meet international standards of electrical system installation and repair

Affordable Singapore Rates

While almost all sort of service rates are skyrocketing in Singapore, we have managed to keep our costs practically low so there is no need to fear about harming your budget or overcharging. In fact, we can provide you with a quotation prior to finalizing your booking with us.

Integrity of System and Property

As much as possible, we will prioritize repairing instead of simply replacing what can still be fixed. We also put high regard on the safety of your properties and integrity of your appliances. Our goal is to be the more practical and cheaper solution to a problem.

Contact Us

Next time you need a helping hand for electrical requirements in Singapore, simply head on to our website to schedule for an appointment. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.