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    A ceiling fan keeps your room cool by delivering cool air inside the space where it’s installed. You can see these appliances installed in many homes and offices in Singapore. New ceiling fan installations and repair services are a sought-after service because of this.

    Are you looking to buy a new ceiling fan to install inside your home? Does your old ceiling need a quick repair or does some of its parts need to be replaced? SG1Electrician addresses these problems with their ceiling fan repair and installation service in Singapore.

    These service companies offer their service to help homeowners who own a broken ceiling fan address this minor problem. No need to suffer from dry, hot rooms because a professional electrician from SG1Electrician will be able to fix your ceiling fan right away.

    Installation of ceiling fans also add a little to the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, the main use of this appliance is to cool an enclosed space by helping circulate cool air inside. It is a practical solution if you want to avoid turning on your air-conditioner and stop incurring more costs.

    People try to install a new ceiling fan on their own often to dangerous results. This often leads to haphazard solutions that can cause electrical problems and a non-functioning appliance. It’s important that you hire a professional technician when you want to install a new ceiling fan.

    The job is not that complicated for the electricians of because they are licensed professionals who deliver quality services every time. They also follow safety guidelines to make sure that the installation of your new ceiling fan won’t run into hazardous problems in the future.

    Professional repair service delivered by SG1Electrician

    A functioning ceiling fan will reduce your electricity cost. There are also beautifully-designed ceiling fans that can complement the interior design of your room. You can hire professional electricians to ensure continuous operation of your ceiling fan.

    Trusted electricians can be hired from You can rely on them to do the repairs quickly and efficiently. They go to your home to do the job and they leave you with a fully-operational ceiling fan a couple of hours after.

    The repair service can be booked online which means you don’t need to spend any money to go to our office to schedule a service. We cater to anyone within the Singapore island with our technicians travelling to your location to perform the services needed.

    Calling is easy. Just go to our website where our contact details can be found. You can also book our service through our online booking feature. Book us today!

    Ceiling fan repair and installation is one of the many home improvement services delivered by

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