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    If there is one aspect in a structure that you should never DIY, it would definitely be electrical wirings and problems. This is why we in SG Electrician has made sure to create a team of experienced HDB electricians to cater to the unique electrical needs of our clients. Moreover, the Housing and Development Board of Singapore has likewise created their own regulations on the kind of electrical work that can be done in a specific structure. Our licensed electricians are fortunately well-versed with the HBD standards and regulations to you can be assured to be in safe and professional hands.

    What can a licensed electrician do for you?

    Assess of electrical load in your house/office

    HBD have a permitting standard for the electrical loading in your flat or house. By hiring a licensed electrician, you would be able to easily find out whether there is a need to secure a permit from the board first prior to installation. It’s also important to note that not all electrical works would require permit. Primarily, HBD would only require permit for higher electrical loading, which our professional electricians would be able to accurately assess.

     Electrical works installation

    Move in to your new house or office with the assurance that all your electrical systems are in place and are well-functioning. Electrical systems are more complex than it seems, that the work on an electrician can be barely seen and appreciated until you get to really enjoy the convenience of lights, appliances, and air conditioning all functioning at the same time.

    Energy saving solutions

    Green architecture is still on top of the trend for residential and commercial spaces these days, and if you’d want your own space to be more energy efficient, why not start by totally revamping your electrical system to be more cost-efficient. Our licensed electricians are up to date with the latest energy-saving solutions in the market...

    These are just some of the key services being offered by our HDB electricians. Don’t see the service you need? No worries, you can get a full list of our services by leaving us your contact email. We also offer free quotation for your service needs. No hidden charges. The most affordable and comprehensive electrical service in town.

    What Others Say About Us?

    Peter Chen



    Whenever I need a professional electrician at my home, I immediately call SG1 electrician. They have not disappointed me ever. Great service!

    Zul A. 



    Thanks for coming over to save us from the mid night blackout. You guys rock!

     Siew Ting



    Daniel is skillful and friendly. He also helps us adjust the wiring free of charge.

    Booking an Electrician?

    Give us a call or senNeed an electrician for your space. We’ve made the booking easy and fast for you. Set an appointment with us online and expect our team of electricians to be at your doorstep on your service schedule.

    Our customer support representatives will be happy to walk you through the process of hiring an electrician, especially if this is your first time to hire one. Book your HDB licensed electrician with us today!

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