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    Trusted Electrical Wiring Services in Singapore

    Do you need new wiring in your home? Or is the existing electrical wiring playing up? Then trust Singapore's top electricians to help you get the project done correctly. At SG1 Electrician, we promise you fair prices and top-notch work.

    We’ve built a reputation for service excellence and fair dealing, and it's a reputation we plan to continue building.  You can rely on our expertise.

    Electrical Wiring Services Available

    At SG1 Electrician, we offer a wide range of wiring services. These include:

  • The installation of lighting: We do it all – new lighting fixtures, chandeliers, bulbs, LED light conversions, and recessed pot lighting.

  • The installation of ceiling fans: Got a new ceiling fan to beat the heat? We’ll have it up for you in double-quick time and make sure it’s perfectly balanced.

  • Wall socket/ power socket installation: Do you need more plug points in your home? Give us a call, and we’ll have those sorted for you in next to no time.

  • New electrical switches: Perhaps the light switch is inconveniently located, perhaps you just need extra options. It doesn’t matter – we’ll make sure that you have as may electrical switches as you like.

  • The installation of new SCV and data points
  • The installation and upgrading of breaker panels and distribution boards: We work with commercial properties, private homes, and HDB flats.

  • Power systems and generator systems
  • Various projects: From setting up your home theater to putting up holiday lights, and any other house wiring project in between, we can wire it all.
  • Type of Customers

    At SG1 Electrician, we have an experienced, fully-certified team capable of working for a range of different clients. These include:

    • Residential: If your home wiring needs attention, give us a call. We’ll have that electrical issue sorted out fast.
    • Condominium: If you live in a condo, we'll ensure that the wiring is up to scratch.
    • HDB Flat: Public housing clients are welcome with us. We’ll make sure that you get a fair deal for your HDB electrical wiring projects.
    • Commercial and Shop: As a business, you can’t afford to shut down for long periods. That’s why we’ll get the job done as fast as safely possible so you can get back to business.

    Signs That You Need an Electrical Wiring Repair & Replacement

    We tend to think of electrical problems as being a complete failure of the wiring. That we’ll know there’s a problem if no electricity is being conducted. There’s a lot more that can go wrong, though. Here are some other potential issues:

    • Fraying Wires: The coating on wires doesn't last forever. Once the surface is damaged, the wires are bound to fray. It could be as a result of normal wear and tear, or even pest damage. The cause is not important – frayed wires need to be replaced ASAP.
    • Heat Damage: If you see scorched plug points or an outlet feels warm when touched, you have an electrical problem. The wires could be overheating, and this could cause a fire.
    • Circuit Breakers Tripping: The breakers trip when the system is overloaded. A frequently tripped breaker could be a result of an appliance playing up, or it could be a sign of an electrical issue. 
    • Dimmed Lights: If the lights are dimming on their own, it’s either the bulbs that are dying or a sign that there’s an electrical problem.
    • Smoke: If you see smoke coming out of an electrical outlet, switch off the mains and get us in to take a look ASAP.

    Let Us Help You Today

    Electricity is useful but also dangerous. Let us help you make sure your electrical wiring installation and repairs are done properly. We’ll help you keep your family safe by making sure that all the wiring in your home is working correctly and safe to use.

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